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No Kidding – Self Help Africa gifts transforms families this Christmas

No Kidding – Self Help Africa gifts transforms families this Christmas

In this era of creating memories and buying gifts that last a lifetime, Self Help Africa has developed a range of Christmas gifts committed to providing a real impact on those in need in sub-Saharan Africa.

You can choose a gift for a friend or loved one from as little as £10.00 for a chicken, £30.00 for a goat or, for those who love the great outdoors, what about investing in a bicycle to provide a volunteer farm advisor, vet or plant doctor with the means of travelling to neighbouring villages to share knowledge and skills with other farmers enabling them to meet more people in need every day. Bicycles can be gifted for only £55.00.

Denny Elliott, NI Head of Self Help Africa, said: “This Christmas, purchasing a lifetime gift from Self Help Africa can really transform the life of a family in some of the poorest regions in Africa. From small livestock like a goat, flock of chickens or piglets, your gift could not only improve the food and nutrition intake of the household but help increase the family’s income.

“Farmers who receive your gift will also receive training in how to care for their livestock so they can thrive and breed. In time, young chicks, piglets and kids can be sold on, meaning farmers can earn a little more money to save or use for sending their children to school.

“Most importantly, your gift can even help during the hungry months before harvest when typically families can go without food on a daily basis. Your gift could enable them to actually feed their families.”

You can also buy Christmas cards at your local Self Help Africa charity shop located in Banbridge, Bangor, Ballynahinch, Belfast, Downpatrick, Dunmurry, Holywood and Lisburn.

To view the full range of Lifetime Gifts and Christmas cards, visit

Omar, the Nubian goat who descended from Africa, and Self Help Africa Ambassador, Ulster player Rob Herring, launch this year’s Christmas Appeal.

If you would like to volunteer with Self Help Africa or make a donation, visit or contact Winne Okot at Self Help Africa by email at or tel 028 9023 2064.